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Keep Calm And Poop Strong T-Shirt (Red)

Image of Keep Calm And Poop Strong T-Shirt (Red)

$5.00 - On Sale

My personal motto. Some old-time advice updated for our modern Poop Era.

Red t-shirt with white text. Available in both men's and women's (S-XL). Comes bundled with a free Poop Strong wristband.

Designed by Doug Mack.

These shirts are in the process of being made, so please forgive us for a delay in getting these out. We're expecting these shirts will begin shipping in late September.

Shirts are made in America, by American Apparel:
Men's: Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt (#2001), Color: Red
Ladies': Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Women's T (#2102), Color: Red

If something you want sells out, please send an email to with the item description and size; if we get enough interest, we'll do another printing and email you when the item becomes available.

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